This is for the competitive gymnast. These are a part of a yearly program that will take the gymnasts to different competitions where they will compete against other gymnasts and gyms in a team environment.

Pre Team

The pre-team sets the stage for the first level by learning sequences of dance and skills that will end up in the routines. The pre-team builds the foundation of core skills needed for safe and progressive gymnastics.

Level 2

This is our first competitive level of gymnastics made up of choreographed routines. This level expands on the Pre team level and continues to grow the gymnast with additional skills and challenges, as they continue on their road in competitive gymnastics.

Levels 3,4, & 5

These levels are compulsory levels of competition. Each level becomes more challenging physically, emotionally and mentally. They are the true building blocks to a higher caliber of gymnastics. To ensure safety and strong progressive skill learning there are requirements that USAG sets for the advancement into levels 4 & 5. The gymnast must achieve certain scores before graduating to the next level.

"Optional" Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

These are the levels known as "optional". The gymnasts are able to put together their own unique routines that enhance their strengths. There are specific requirements that each gymnast must attain at each level. Challenge and commitment increase. The experience and bond the gymnasts make at these levels last a lifetime.