These events are ones that are unique to our schedule - whether they appear on the normal schedule or not. They are events that we plan to offer for people to come and use our facility or to schedule for a party or private event!  Check out what we can offer above and beyond our "normal" gymnastics schedule!

Friday Play Group Open Gym

Because parents need to get them out of the house! When the public schools are open and the young ones are needing to spend some time doing what kids do without destroying the house. . . Send them over to us!  We work on the idea that FUN is the key! Kids need the time to be kids and climb, run, tumble, and learn that physical activity is not a bad thing! Turn off the video games and tv and bring them to us! Pre-registristration is required (minimum of 8 kids for class to operate). Cost is $7.00 per child.

Private Lessons

This is available to children ages 6 and older. Private and Semi-private lessons are available for students interested in specialized instruction. This is a scheduled time where one, two or three students work with a coach on specific areas in their training. This is something that MUST be scheduled with each specific instructor.

Birthday Parties

Our parties are designed for children ages 3 and older. The children will enjoy a combination of gymnastic instruction, fun gym activities, and party time. One hour of organized gym fun plus 1/2 hour of party festivities is included in this event. We offer birthday times on Saturdays beginning at 2:00.  Please check availability with Debbie.

The cost is $100.00 for 10 children. $6.00 for each additional child.

Other Special Events:

Field Trips

If you are an operator of a day care, service or a part of a school, we are your place to bring a class!! Contact us about bringing your students here for some fun and exercise! We will provide a teaching of gymnastics skills and techniques, with obstacles and equipment to learn the basics about the sport!


High School Clinics

Beginning in fall we will have opportunities for the high school competitors to get additional practice time. Please check our website for dates. The clinics will be held on Saturday afternoon. Please contact Debbie Russell for details.